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Straton Pro

Better in Color.

Bring out the vivid color of your tank’s aquatic life with our selection of lighting that combines cutting-edge technology with stylish design. 


Straton Pro LED

Large-format with built-in diffusion for uniform light

LED Powermodule Hybrid

LED Powermodule Hybrid

LED + T5 hybrid with WiFi for precise control

Dimmable SunPower

Dimmable SunPower T5

Built-in dimmable control for dawn-dusk & daylight

SunPower T5 fixture

SunPower T5

Independent bulb control & active cooling system

T5 Bulbs

T5 High-output Bulbs

Great for coral growth & a variety of color combos

Essentials Pro

Easy, 2-part dosing system with 28 essential elements

Better in Balance.

We offer a variety of water care products and testing services that, when used properly, will help balance and maintain your tank’s chemistry for a healthier ecosystem and more clear water.

Essentials Pro 1 and 2

Essentials Pro

2-part dosing with 28 essential elements

ATI Labs

Labs ICP-OES Analysis

Tests 48 elements + RO with recommendations



High-purity supplements for coral color & growth



Natural nutrient management

dosing pump

DP-6 Dosing Pump

6 individual heads for flexible scheduling

Make Dosing Easier.