About ATI

ATI is an industry leader in aquarium lighting and filtration. Our innovative line of light fixtures, bulbs, protein skimmers, salts and water care products combine exceptional performance, elegant design and unsurpassed efficiency.

World-Class Engineering

ATI T5 fixtures produce significantly more light than other fixtures that use the same amount (or more) of energy.

Superior Components

ATI T5 bulbs produce higher output and more vibrant colors and our cutting-edge protein skimmers remove as much or more waste than comparably-sized protein skimmers, while using only a fraction of the energy.

Continuous Innovation

ATI was founded by Oliver Pritzel, whose love of aquariums and passion for the hobby drives him to continuously improve and enhance the product line. In fact, it was Oliver's use of active cooling and individual parabolic reflectors that helped transform T5s into an industry standard in aquarium lighting.

We know that having the right equipment is key to a happy and healthy aquarium. We also know that you'd rather spend your money on the fish and corals that call your aquarium home. So, we work hard to provide you with innovative, attractive, and affordable solutions that help you keep your aquarium happy, healthy, and beautiful.