ATI Carbon Plus Activated Carbon - Coming Soon

is a highly effective and scientifically-formulated activated carbon that produces crystal clear water in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.The optimized pore structure and huge number of capillaries produce a large internal surface area of 900-1000 m2/g, which is capable of quickly and efficiently removing harmful substances from the water.

Clarifies Water

Reduces cloudiness. Removes organics, phenols, and other waste to significantly reduce dirty, yellow coloration of the water.

Detoxifies Water

Removes chlorine, heavy metals, medication, and drug remnants and many other toxins.

Reduces Organics

Removes organic metabolic products like protein waste and uric acid.

Improves Coral Health

The reduction of biologic retardants leads to increased coral growth and better polyp extension.

Item # Description Weight/Volume
ATI6005 ATI Carbon Plus 1 liter
ATI6007 ATI Carbon Plus 2 liters

Case quantities: 1 liter (6/case), 2 liters (6/case)

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