DP6 Dosing Pump

The perfect dose every time.
6 heads

More heads

The DP6 Dosing Pump features six individually programmable dosing heads, compared to more standard dosing pumps that feature only three or four heads.

Nearly endless possibilities

The incredibly flexible DP6 offers countless programming options. The six individually programmable dosing heads can provide from 1-9,999 ml of fluids per day. The dosing pump offers the flexibility to dose up to 24 times per day per head, which can be performed daily or in intervals of up to 30 days between doses.
water flow

Keep it flowing

Includes check valves to ensure perfectly primed lines every time.

The perfect partner

Use the DP6 dosing pump to properly dose your ATI Essentials Pro, or any dosing product you wish to use with your aquarium.
Contact your local ATI dealer and ask for the DP6 Dosing Pump.

Comprehensive aquarium water care

labs testing
Get the full picture of your aquarium's chemistry with ATI Labs.
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A comprehensive dosing system that helps minimize water changes.
Trace Elements
High purity elemental supplements.