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ATI Essentials

Comprehensive Care for Your Reef Tank
essential elements

More than a basic dose

ATI Essentials goes beyond your normal 3 part semi-solution for your aquarium's needs. ATI Essentials provides all of your aquarium's elemental needs in one easy to use system - a simple approach to a complicated problem. Simply dose the solutions in equal parts and your tank will be provided with 28 essential elements.

Easier solution to a complex problem

Often people dose basic solutions for basic items because this is the only thing they are testing for. The reality is unless you are doing frequent and expensive water changes or heavy dosing of many different items your reef is likely lacking many essential elements corals need to grow, have the best color and thrive. While you can certainly dose your reefs needs in other ways, they are usually expensive, complicated and/or labor intensive.

Beyond the basics

In addition to the calcium, magnesium and carbonates provided in basic supplements, ATI Essentials contains 25 additional essential elements necessary for coral growth and coloration.

Only 3 bottles

ATI Essentials gives you complete trace element coverage without having to dose each one individually.
equal doses

Equal doses

Most users of ATI Essentials will dose each part of the system equally. There are no complicated ratios to remember, or calculations to redo every time you test your tank.
Getting started with ATI Essentials is easy with our handy guide.

Comprehensive aquarium water care

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Trace Elements
High purity elemental supplements.
DP6 Dosing Pump
The ATI 6-Channel Dosing Pump will automate your dosing needs.