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Frequently Asked Questions: SunPower & Dimmable SunPower

A dimmable T5 fixture will allow you to have significantly more control over your spectrum and intensity than the standard SunPower T5 light. It will also allow you to create a customized lighting schedule with a sunrise and sunset.

The purchase of each ATI Sunpower fixture includes a hanging kit. This hanging kit will allow you to safely suspend the light above your tank. You can also adjust the hanging kit to set the lights above your tank to your desired height.

For detailed instructions on properly hanging your fixture, please refer to the “How to Properly Install an ATI Hanging Kit” blog post.

The height of your fixture depends on various factors, such as the size of your fixture and tank. If you mount the fixture higher, you will have more spread but less intensity. On the other hand, you will have increased power if you mount your fixture closer to the water level.

We recommend using any combination of our ATI T5 bulbs. Your bulb combinations will depend solely on your spectrum goals. Research is the best way to understand what bulbs make the most sense. The articles below also share some great bulb combinations for specific spectrum needs.

The dimmable fixture will use the same standard ATI T5 bulbs as any other non-dimmable fixture would use. Remember that the dimming feature will significantly reduce the bulbs’ lifespan.

The bulbs can be dimmed directly on the controller, which is on the fixture’s body. Ten individual set-points allow you to customize the light settings at each point.

We recommend replacing the bulbs every 4 to 8 months in the dimmable fixture and every 8 to 12 months in the non-dimmable fixture. The difference is that dimming the bulbs will stress them, thus reducing their lifespan.

The ATI Dimmable and Non-Dimmable Sunpower models feature an active cooling system specifically designed to keep your bulbs at the perfect operating temperature. The cooling system not only helps preserve the life of the bulbs but will also dramatically reduce any heat coming from the fixture, which could negatively affect your aquarium livestock.

The active cooling system in these light fixtures produces very little noise, which cannot be said of many other T5 fixtures.

Both of these light models will include a one-year manufacturer warranty. For more information about warranty coverage, please visit our warranty page.

In addition to the features of the standard SunPower, for the dimmable models, there is only one power cord, a built-in timer, as well as temperature-controlled fans. These fans not only help keep your light fixture cool but are also very quiet.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer tank mounts or stands for the SunPower fixtures. however, a hanging kit is included with all SunPower and Dimmable SunPower fixtures.

Bulbs are not included, this allows you to pick a bulb combination that suits your personal taste and aquarium.

For small fixtures, four to six watts are usually enough. Then, for larger fixtures, we recommend eight to nine watts. We suggest not exceeding ten watts to preserve the life of your fans.

Without ample space and fresh air, an ATI T5 fixture will tend to overheat inside a canopy. While we do not recommend operating one of these fixtures in a canopy, be sure you have plenty of additional fans to keep the ambient temperature cool if you do choose to take that risk.


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