ATI Sirius X LED

ATI Sirius X will make your aquarium look stunning. This light features:

  • Independently controllable LED clusters for full intensity and color control.
  • A single, streamlined and elegant fixture that houses components. Flexible design allows for easy replacement of components and upgrades of clusters.
  • Sleek, silver body is lightweight, rust-proof and slim at only 1.6" height.


High-quality LEDs provide the power, efficiency and control required for lighting high-end reef tanks.

Maximum Control

Each LED cluster features four independently programmable color channels. Each individual cluster is also individually controllable.

24 Hour Light Cycle

Produce realistic sunrise-sunset effects, cloud sweeps and moon light simulations.

Sleek, Sophisticated Look

The body is lightweight, durable and rust-proof and all components are enclosed inside the fixture housing.

Easy To Use

Intuitive, computer-based control software makes adjusting light cycle quick and easy.

LED Configuration (Per Cluster):

  • 6x Cree XPE Blue
  • 2x Luxeon M Royal Blue 450nm
  • 2x Luxeon M Cool White
  • 2x Cree XPE Red 620 nm
  • 1x Semileds Violet 420nm

LED Wattage per Fixture / Power Consumption:

  • X1: Up to 75 Watts
  • X2: Up to 145 Watts
  • X4: Up to 290 Watts
  • X6: Up to 435 Watts
  • X8: Up to 580 Watts

General Tank Sizing Guidelines:

  • X1: Up to 24" x 18"
  • X2: Up to 24” x 28”
  • X4: Up to 36” x 28”
  • X6: Up to 48” x 28”
  • X8: Up to 60” x 28”

Recommended Tank Depth:

  • Up to 36” with proper placement of corals.


  • 1-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty

Item # Description Length Width Height Weight
ATI4001 ATI Sirius X1 LED Fixture 1 x 75W LED Cluster 7.9 inches 9.8 inches 1.6 inches 6.6 lbs
ATI4003 ATI Sirius X2 LED Fixture 2 x 75W LED Clusters 12.6 inches 14.2 inches 1.6 inches 8.5 lbs
ATI4005 ATI Sirius X4 LED Fixture 4 x 75W LED Clusters 25.6 inches 14.2 inches 1.6 inches 14.7 lbs
ATI4007 ATI Sirius X6 LED Fixture 6 x 75W LED Clusters 39.0 inches 14.2 inches 1.6 inches 20.7 lbs.
ATI4009 ATI Sirius X8 LED Fixture 8 x 75W LED Clusters 52.4 inches 14.2 inches 1.6 inches 27.8 lbs

These are general guidelines only. Many factors, such as tank depth, types of corals, and coral placement can affect individual lighting needs. Please contact your dealer if you need additional assistance in determining the appropriate size light for your tank.

We've included some helpful information and downloads below. For further assistance, please contact us.

Item # Product Part Description Spec Retail  
ATI3202 ATI sirius Reflector (Bent Reflector) 24W $ 16.95
ATI3204 ATI sirius Reflector (Bent Reflector) 39W $ 17.95
ATI3206 ATI sirius Reflector (Bent Reflector) 54W $ 18.95
ATI3208 ATI sirius Reflector (Bent Reflector) 80W $ 19.95
ATI3209 ATI sirius T5 Socket (Each)   $ 1.95
ATI3211 ATI sirius T5 High-Output Ballast (2x24W / 2x39W) 24W / 39W $ 39.95
ATI3213 ATI sirius T5 High-Output Ballast (2x54W) 54W $ 39.95
ATI3215 ATI sirius T5 High-Output Ballast (2x80W) 80W $ 44.95
ATI3217 ATI sirius Endplates (Set of 2) 4 Bulb $ 19.95
ATI3219 ATI sirius Endplates (Set of 2) 6 Bulb $ 24.95
ATI3220 ATI sirius Endplates (Set of 2) 8 Bulb $ 29.95
ATI2101 ATI sirius Cable Hanging Kit (5 ft) $ 34.95
ATI2103 ATI sirius Cable Hanging Kit (10 ft) $ 39.95
ATI2121 ATI sirius AC Adapter $ 12.95
ATI3221 ATI sirius Cooling Fan Except 8x54W; 8x80W $ 14.95
ATI3223 ATI sirius Cooling Fan 8x54W / 8x80W $ 14.95
ATI3223 ATI sirius Fan Cover Except 8x54W; 8x80W $ 5.95
ATI3225 ATI sirius Fan Cover 8x54W / 8x80W $ 5.95