ATI Zeolith Plus Filter Media - Coming Soon

is a highly absorptive, micro-porous rock capable of absorbing harmful ammonia and other nitrogenous compounds. Natural, pure zeolite with a high concentration of clinoptilolite, Zeolith Plus filter media will not release adsorbed toxic substances back into the water. No added chemicals or coloring. Saltwater safe.

Reduces Tank Nutrients

Removes ammonium and ammonia, which in turn decreases the formation of nitrite and nitrate.

Helps Prevent Algae

Reduced nutrients helps prevent algae formation.

Improves Coral Health

The reduction of biologic nutrients leads to increased coral growth, better polyp extension and enhanced coral colors.

Item # Description Weight/Volume
ATI6009 ATI Zeolith Plus 2 liters
ATI6011 ATI Zeolith Plus 5 liters

Case quantities: 2 liters (6/case), 5 liters (4/case)

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